10 Awesome Celebrities – What They Are Doing In These Photos Is Just Out Of This World.

Can a celebrity be kindhearted? Usually they are very famous for being self-centered or showy. But that is not actually the case. As they are popular figures, they do not care about others. That’s a very wrong notion. There are definitely celebrities who take time out of their busy schedule and care for others. Given below are some rare photographs which will prove this point.

Anne Hathaway, it seems loves children a lot and that is why her visit to Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s hospital.

01 AnneHathaway-ChildrensHospital

Something definitely great! President Barack Obama with the survivors of the shootings in Connecticut.

02 Obama-Newton

Soft heart for a cancer patient. Wrestler John Cena pays visit.

03 JohnCena-Hospital

The patriotic side of John Cena. Pays visit to the injured soldiers.

04 JohnCena-WoundedWarriors

There will be never any trouble if you SMILE. Jennifer Lopez expert at smiling and making smile in California, Children’s Hospital San Diego.

05 JenniferLopez-ChildrensHospital

JLo cheering a cancer patient. What a lucky child!

06 JenniferLopez-ChildrensHospital2

what a surprise! Eliza Dushku and Rick Fox asking for donation for the children’s hospital in Massachusetts at Boston.

07 ElizaDushkuRickFox-ChildrensWalk

what a better way to make kids laugh! Eliza posing as a clown during the walk.

08 ElizaDushkuRickFox-ChildrensWalk2

Voluntary act of Steve Buscemi during the 9/11. He did not even propagate even to the news crews of his wonderful kindness.

09 SteveBuscemi-firefighter

Christian Bale visits the victims of the tragic Dark Knight rises shooting in Denver, Colorado.

10 ChristianBale-DKRShooting

Only celebrities can bring the truest smiles. Here is the live example. Chris Evan’s visit.

11 ChrisEvans-ChildrensHospital

Bradley Cooper visits a man who fall prey to the bombings of the Boston Marathon.

12 BradleyCooper-JeffreyBauman

Cheering and making the sick kids laugh is a big task and celebrities Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds prove that.

13 BlakeLively-hospital

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