10 Real Natural Phenomenon That Look Unreal. #5 Is Really Scary.

Nature at its best and at its own for creating such abnormal sights.

Red Tides which make the colour of the waters completely red.

01'''''-not-normal-phenomenaNewspix / Rex / Rex USA

Foxfire – A forest night light to brighten up the nights.

02-not-normal-phenomenaYlem / Via en.wikipedia.org

Columnar Basalt

03-not-normal-phenomenaJoe Pepler / Rex USA

Fire Rainbow – An amazing scene.

04-not-normal-phenomenaBrandon Rios / Rex Features


05-not-normal-phenomenacorporal Alicia M. Garcia, U.S. Marine Corps / Via en.wikipedia.org

Mammatus Clouds-The Velvety scene.

06-not-normal-phenomenaMark Smith / Rex USA

Rainbow Bark- Could anything be more colorful?

07-not-normal-phenomenaWarren Krupsaw / Solent News / Rex / Rex USA

Light Pillars -the illuminating ones.

08-not-normal-phenomenaChristoph Geisler / Via en.wikipedia.org

The wild Firenadoes.

09-not-normal-phenomenaDavid McNew / Getty Images

Blue Holes

10-not-normal-phenomenaimage Source / Rex / Rex USA


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