100,000 Cars Run On These Sculpture Every Hour. Most Amazing Video Ever.

The amazing kinetic sculpture depicting the veins of the busy city.


Chris Burden is a conceptual artist and has created a marvelous kinetic sculpture named Metropolis II. His sculpture tries to depict the stress and strain which today’s man who lives in a busy metro city faces every day. The constant moving of the trains and the cars, the noise which it creates brings a certain kind of mental stress and agony in the minds of the people living there. This feeling is beautifully expressed by the kinetic installation which circulates 100,000 toy cars every hour through a wide network of 18 tracks. This sculpture is placed in the Los Angeles Museum of Art since 2011.

The grids have been created by the steel beams, which consist of 18 roadways, including one six lane freeway and HO scale train tracks.

According to Burden, “The noise, the continuous flow of the trains, and the speeding toy cars produce in the viewer the stress of living in a dynamic, active and bustling 21st century city.”

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