It Looks Like There Are 1,00,000 or More Walruses In These Pictures.

A simply amazing sight of 35,000 walruses being forced out into the land because of lack of water, is certainly worth spending time to watch. Though the background is not exactly happy, the sheer size of the event is something that is very rare to say the least. It would have been impossible to come across such images but for the effort of the photographers who have taken the trouble.

01-walrus-ashore-alaskaPhoto credit: NOAA / AP Photo
02-walrus-ashore-alaskaPhoto credit: NOAA / AP Photo
03-walrus-ashore-alaskaPhoto credit: Rebecca Shea
04-walrus-ashore-alaskaPhoto credit: Rebecca Shea
05-walrus-ashore-alaskaPhoto credit
06-walrus-ashore-alaskaPhoto credit: NOAA / AP Photo
07-walrus-ashore-alaskavia The Guardian


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