13 Charming Puppies Born To A Blessed Mother. CUTE!

Mark and Olga Holtom were in the expectation that their dog Gina would give birth to half a dozen puppies after they finally decided to allow their dog mate with another. Even the veterinary doctor confirmed that Gina would give birth to about 6 puppies but it literally surprised them all that within the course of 9 hours Gina gave birth to 13 puppies who were all healthy and cute.

When Mark went out for food thinking that the puppies would now not take birth, Olga informed Mark that newer puppies had born and that the number went to 13. Both were extremely happy.

Puppies cuddling around their doting mother Gina.

13-pups (1)

Oh! Is that our home? Puppies thinking ad posing in the rubber boots.


Mark and Olga seem to be happier than Gina.



Puppies seem to be happier in each other’s company.


Seven puppies have found their home.


Cuteness redefined.


Momma protecting her puppies.


Olga and Mark with the puppies. what can be more satisfying?


Time to go to sleep.


The birth of the puppies was a sudden good fortune for Olga and Mark. The family in the starting had no such plans but if all is well and the puppies are perfect and the cost of each would be close to $1000. This would be an amazing achievement.


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