You’ll Never Believe These Photos Are From 2014. They Are Just Incredible.

The end of every quarter bestows us with the top 25 “Pictures of the Day” from Sifter, which all comprise to become an epic “Top 100” at the end of the year.

With half of the 2014 already gone, let us have a look at the 50 marvelous pictures taken by individual photographers well depicting their inspiring visions and dreams of our gorgeously beautiful mother Earth.

You need to click on the title or image for detailed information on that particular photograph.

Also please note that these photographs have been just featured as a POTD on TwistedSifter, but do not mean that they have been taken in 2014. They are listed in reverse chronological order, yet there is no rank allotted to these photos.

The interesting scene of Hover boats in Menorca, Spain.

01-Awesome-picturesPhotographer Unknown via tburns1469

Goldfish in the watchtower.

02-Awesome-picturesPhotograph by firu86

The exciting Balloon ride in Cappadocia.

03-Awesome-picturesPhotograph by Joyce

The construction of the great monument.

04-Awesome-picturesPhotograph by Louis-Emile Durandelle

My sweet small shelter.

05-Awesome-picturesPhotograph by Karen

The dazzling decorated trolley.

06-Awesome-picturesPhotograph by VIKTOR VARGA

Watch the twinkling star’s birth.

07-Awesome-picturesPhotograph by ESA/Hubble & NASA

The Hippo is happy to welcome you.

08-Awesome-picturesPhotograph by BRENDON CREMER

The Bedroom in Bali with the glass bottom giving an experience of a fishing village.

09-Awesome-picturesPhotograph by Bambu Indah Hotel

The Aquarium fascinates her.

10-Awesome-picturesPhotograph by Royce Hutain

The 25-foot tall Earth Goddess.

11-Awesome-picturesPhotograph by Atlanta Botanical Garden

Strokkur Geyser About to be erupted.

12-Awesome-picturesPhotograph by HANSUELI KRAPF

The plaited snow in a garden.

13-Awesome-picturesPhotograph by Cathy Hartt

A memorable holiday on the World’s Tallest Residential building at Dubai.

14-Awesome-picturesPhotograph by ALEXANDER REMNEV

The illuminating fog.

15-Awesome-picturesPhotograph by JACOPO MARTOCCHI

The furious pre-winter storm as seen from Space.

16-Awesome-picturesPhotograph by NASA

The Owl in one of its displeasing moods.

17-Awesome-picturesPhotograph by Etienne on Flickr


18-Awesome-picturesPhotograph by Robert White

The pink loving cherry blossom petals at Hirosaki, Aomori, Japan are just spectacular.

19-Awesome-picturesPhotograph by @WizardsTools on Twitter

The much abandoned railway line of Paris.

20-Awesome-picturesPhotograph by Myrabella

The splendid supercell.

21-Awesome-picturesPhotograph by RYAN SHEPARD

Look at the owl standing on one foot.

22-Awesome-picturesPhotograph by Wagner Machado Carlos Lemes

A guard in the Himalayas.

23-Awesome-picturesPhotograph by SEBASTIAN WAHLHUETTER

A friendship beyond words.

24-Awesome-picturesPhotograph by LASSI RAUTIAINEN/WILD FINLAND

An incredible photo of eight hours of takeoffs at Lax.

25'''''-Awesome-picturesPhotograph by MIKE KELLEY

Via twistedsifter

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