Sunset on These 25 Places Is Different Than What You Have Seen.

How would it be if the daily natural phenomena like the sunset becomes grand and memorable? Well here are the sunsets from the different parts of the world which will steal your attention and make you ponder over the wonders of the nature.

Stonehenge, England

2.1 StongeHenge-England

Grand Canyon, Arizona USA

2.2 Grand-Canyon

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

2.3 Angkor-Wat-Cambodia

Mount Bromo, Indonesia

2.4 Mount-Bromo-Indonesia

Santorini, Greece

2.5 Santorini

The Maldives

2.6 Maldives

2.7 Ipanema-Beach-Rio-de-Janeiro

2.8 Tanah-Lot-Temple-Bali

Matterhorn, Switzerland

2.9 Matterhorn-Switzerland

2.10 Pfeiffer-Beach-Cali

The Great Pyramids, Egypt

2.11 Great-Pyramids-Egypt

2.12 Bora-Bora-Tahiti

Puglia, Italy

2.13 Puglia-Italy

Scottish Highlands

2.14 Scottish-Highlands

Sahara Desert

2.15 Sahara-Desert

Florida Keys

2.16 Florida-Keys

Ayers Rock, Australia

2.17 Ayers-Rock-Australia

Lake Annecy, French Alps

2.18 Lake-Annecy-French-Alps

Barcelona, Spain

2.19 Barcelona

Taj Mahal, India

2.20 Taj-Mahal-India

Santa Monica Pier, California

2.21 Santa-Monica-Pier

Grundarfjordur, Iceland

2.22 Grundarfjordur-Iceland

Mount Haleakala, Hawaii

2.23 Mount-Haleakala-Hawaii

The Canals in Amsterdam

2.24 Amsterdam-Canals

Serengeti, Tanzania

2.25 Serengeti-Tanzania

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