A Young Man Show 3 Puppies Struggling In The Desert. It’s Inspiring How He Turned Them In Diamonds.

In the Negev desert at Israel a man found three little puppies were just left there. The person found them beside a cardboard of tomatoes and it was evident that whosoever left them there only had some tomatoes to offer.

The dogs were covered by innumerable ticks and fleas. This particular gentleman who found them in the desert first of all removed all the ticks and fleas and cleaned them after which they were shining and then the puppies were ready for the adoption.

Out of the three the little one found a family already and the puppies were waiting to get some family members for them.

No care or botheration for puppies. All the three were found in a desert.


Innumerable ticks surrounded the dogs.


They were found in a cardboard filled with rotten tomatoes. Who will eat that?


It was quite challenging removing the ticks from the puppies.


The fleas invaded the dogs in great numbers.


Like ticks even the fleas were removed and the dogs seemed to be extremely happier and cheerful.


A good bath was given to them and were made ready for adoption.


Eyes appear to be a bit problematic. But everything is fine. It is just that the irises are of different colors.


Little girl has already been adopted. slowly and gradually even the other two puppies will find their home.



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