30 Rare Photos Ever Captured. These Abnormal Scenes Will Leave You Speechless.

Showing compassion towards animals is always a very good thing to do. Especially in times of natural calamities and the times which are destructive, the feeling of compassion assumes greater importance. The forthcoming photographs from the recent past and even the distant past will just leave you stunning and kindering the feelings in you of brotherhood and the importance of such feelings in critical times.

Have you ever seen such kind of a photo? what a kindness towards this injured koala!

01 Speechless_photoes

The shrunk hands speak a lot about the situation of the boy.

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Is the doctor’s job easy? No it is not. a doctor heaving a sigh of relief after 23 hour long heart transplant. His assistant sleeping in the corner.

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Father and son duo. Fifty years before and after.

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What a tribute to the teacher! 12 year old boy Torquato from Brazil playing the violin for the teacher who taught him music as a means to come out of violence and earn a respectable livelihood.

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Can this be termed as the feelings of brotherhood? Yes definitely. You can see a christian gentleman protecting a muslim during prayers in Cairo, Egypt in the year 2011.

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Food the basic necessity of life. What about those who do not have food? Indian people without home getting food by the benevolent people.

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It is very tough to stay in Iraq. Terri reunites with her daughter after 7 months of hard work in Iraq.

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This unique image definitely jolts the heart. A man falling from the world trade center on 9/11.

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A young man after he came to know of his brother’s death.

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A son struggling with his father’s ill habit of consuming alcohol.

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Love can also be seen in the debris of a factory collapse.

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What a beautiful, unimaginable sight of the setting sun!

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Have you ever seen a little boy of five smoking? Well this is a very common phenomenon in the gypsy community of St. Jacques, Perpignan, towards the south side of France.

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What a tragedy! Hhaing The Yu,29 covers his fae and can only repent after the tragedy stuck in Rangoon by the Nargis cyclone. As a result of this high magnitude natural calamity millions were rendered homeless and close to a lakh were killed.

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The landslides around Rio de Janiero in 2011 brought out the emotional side of animals as well. Leao a bitch did not leave the grave of her owner even on the second day.

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A soldier is never off duty. No relationships, no emotions, Claude in New Westminster, Canada, 1st October,1940 calling his father.

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Oh! How victorious were those moments! A Russian tank veteran with the tank in which he went through the entire war.

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Hope should never be lost. old parents who have touched 70 are still waiting for their missing children.

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Love immortalized. The graves of a Catholic woman and her husband who was a protestant. year 1888 in Holland.

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Once again a natural calamity brings out the emotion of human beings and vice versa. Greg cook and Coco reunite after the Tornado that hit Alabama in March,2012.

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This is how the condoms can be used. Condom application demonstration at a public place in Jayapura, capital of Papua in the year 2009.

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Soldiers preparing for the Battle of Kursk in July 1943. You require guts for that.

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Should the animals be neglected during floods? No and this was proved in Cuttack where a villager performed a heroic task of saving the stray cats and transporting them in a basket on his head.

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There are people who back the soldiers. An Afghani offering tea to the soldiers.

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Soldiers also do have the hobby of pursuing music. A Russian soldier playing a desolate piano in Chechnya in 1994.

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Bullets or bouquets? The power of flowers evident.

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What a tragic sight! a girl sitting amidst the debris of the earthquake and the tsunami in Natori,Northern Japan. This was back in 2011 March.

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This is the inside of the Auschwitz gas chamber.

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Mumbai was very badly affected by the serial bomb blasts in 1993. Zanjeer the brave heart dog found out more than 3000 kgs of RDX, 600 detonators, approximately 250 hand grenades and more than 6000 rounds of live ammunition. When he died in the year 2000 he was given a very grand farewell. 

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