This 3200 Years Old Tree Cannot Be Captured In Single Photo. Find out why.

It is nature’s magic that this enormous tree has remained alive for 3200 long years, with so many human civilizations being wiped off from the surface of the earth during this long span. More of it, this tree has been acknowledged as the fastest growing tree. This can be just an example of nature’s magic.

You would be surprised to know that this gigantic sequoia tree has been nicknamed.


Its nickname is “The President”, and it is 247 feet tall, and has a volume of 45,000 cubic feet, and is approximately 3,200 years old.


The width of the trunk is 27 feet and the branches hold 2 billion needles, the maximum needles which any tree on this planet has.


Not only this, it is also the fastest growing tree in the world, with it adding almost one cubic meter of wood per year.


This is the only time in all these years when the entire tree has been photographed.


This tree is situated in the Sierra Nevadas of California, along with its two smaller cousins nicknamed the “House” and “Senate”.

General Sherman in winter

The National Geographic and the scientists from the park jointly worked for 32 days to take 126 photos, to present this marvelous photo of the huge tree.

NGS Picture ID:1507300


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