7 Scariest Accidents – How Those People Survived Is Still Secret.

Yes, miracles do happen. Only when we encounter a problem or a miracle do we realize that yes there is something called as a miracle. The below given photographs are of all those tragedies that may have been devastating. But call it fortune or miracle or whatever that those surviving are the survivors and did not fall prey to death.

The car was at the peak of 120 feet. The couple got thrown in the air yet continue to exist with no problems.

01 7 Accidents That

Aeroplane splits in half yet there is no one killed off the coast of Bali. Nothing less than a miracle.

02 7 Accidents That

Adventures can definitely prove to be fatal but lucky is this girl whose bungee cord broke off and se fell in water full of crocodiles. She is hale and hearty.

03 7 Accidents That

Nobody killed in the air crash of a plane from JFK to the Carribean. Isn’t is incredble?

04 7 Accidents That

five people of a sweet family got badly trapped into violent water. Well the saving grace was found in the form of a canoe.

Kayaker-River Rescue

Can such a thing also happen? while cleaning his spear gun the man gets shot, yet without damaging his brain.

06 7 Accidents That

How about an aeroplane crash where there is only one survivor. Yes that happened in the Northwest Airlines Flight 255 crash and only Cecelia Cichan survived.

07 7 Accidents That


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