Dogs Dressed In The Best Designer Wears. Must Be Designed By Great Designers.

Here are some collections of dogs all decked up and dressed for a date. They come in all sizes, shapes and dresses. The way they look, the care that their masters have taken in ensuring their dresses are the best, it certainly makes these dogs to be very confident about their dates. They surely will not find it very difficult to find their heartthrobs without much of a struggle.

1. Policeman in a Dog.


2. Dog being treated the best way

02-dressed-up-dogsREUTERS/Alexander Natruskin

3. A pair of chihuahua wears a wedding costume during a fashion show.

03-dressed-up-dogsREUTERS/Thierry Roge

4. Chihuahuas Walking The Ramp.

04-dressed-up-dogsREUTERS/Thierry Roge

5. Dogs beating the cold.

05-dressed-up-dogsREUTERS/Alexander Natruskin

6. All the best for a happy married life.

06-dressed-up-dogsREUTERS/Pilar Olivares

7. Dog parade with a difference.

07-dressed-up-dogsREUTERS/Hannibal Hanschke

8. Dog is a spiders shadow.

08-dressed-up-dogsREUTERS/ Cheryl Ravelo

9. Rocco Trying to impersonate an actor

09-dressed-up-dogsREUTERS/Phil McCarten

10. Dog in a traditional outfit.

10-dressed-up-dogsREUTERS/Jairo Castilla

11. Who told dogs do not enjoy baseball matches.

11-dressed-up-dogsREUTERS/Mike Segar

12. Crested dogs showing off their beauty.

12-dressed-up-dogsREUTERS/Laszlo Balogh

13. Chihuahuas trying to woo suitors.

13-dressed-up-dogsREUTERS/Miro Kuzmanovic

14. Shih Tzu waiting for the perfect date.

14-dressed-up-dogsREUTERS/Cheryl Ravelo

15. Chihuahuas do not mind dating.

15-dressed-up-dogsREUTERS/Cheryl Ravelo

16. Julia in the best of Filipino costume.

16-dressed-up-dogsREUTERS/Cheryl Ravelo

17. Bowtie and glasses go well even with dogs.

17-dressed-up-dogsREUTERS/Seth Wenig

18. Dog trying its best to catch attention with the best of dresses.

18-dressed-up-dogsREUTERS/Sheng Li

19. Pet Chihuahuas cannot look any better.

19-dressed-up-dogsREUTERS/Jason Lee

20. dachshund masquerading as cowboys

20-dressed-up-dogsREUTERS/Toru Hanai

21. Dogs campaigning for politicians

21-dressed-up-dogsREUTERS/Konstantin Chernichkin

22. Bulldogs too can look good smoking.

22-dressed-up-dogsREUTERS/ Ina Fassbender

23. Who is the master the dog or the master.

23-dressed-up-dogsREUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

24. A reveler dressed as a bandit.

24-dressed-up-dogsREUTERS/Bruno Domingos

25. Dogs in specially made outfits.

25-dressed-up-dogsREUTERS/Alexander Demianchuk

26. This chihuahua certainly looks good as spiderman

26-dressed-up-dogsREUTERS/Dave Gatley

27. Labrador waits for his turn to have a new master.


28. Pilgrim shows interest in this dog.

28-dressed-up-dogsREUTERS/Santiago Ferrero

29. This dog is a boxer in the true sense of the term.

29-dressed-up-dogsREUTERS/Pilar Olivares

30. Who told Elvis Presley is not amongst us.

30-dressed-up-dogsREUTERS/Lee Celano

31. Pomeranian looking handsome and provocative.

31-dressed-up-dogsREUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

32. This one year old combines the old with the new


33. Chihuahua is nonchalantly looking out of its pram.

33-dressed-up-dogsREUTERS/Petr Josek

34. This dog certainly is bored with its entertainer master.

34-dressed-up-dogsREUTERS/Desmond Boylan

35. Rastafarian relived with this dog.

35-dressed-up-dogsREUTERS/Jaime Saldarriaga

36. This overcoat certainly helps protect this dog from freezing temperatures.

36-dressed-up-dogsREUTERS/Gleb Garanich

37. Pomenarian Lookin Good As Zorro

37-dressed-up-dogsREUTERS/Cheryl Ravelo

38. This dog is masquerading as a woman.

39-dressed-up-dogsREUTERS/Jaime Saldarriaga


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