Good Samaritan Show Ducklings Under A Sewer Drain. What Followed Is Really Great For The World.

Yes, kindness has not completely vanished from the world. A mother duck and her three ducklings fell into a sewer drainage. This gentleman offered timely help and rescued them.

Can anything else be sweeter than the company of mommy?

01 saving-ducklings

mother duck very anxious and apprehensive about her little ducklings.

02 saving-ducklings

finally one of the ducklings was out with a cup, bootlace and a stick.

03 saving-ducklings

04 saving-ducklings

Mother duckling looking very eager for her kids and takes the best seat.

05 saving-ducklings

wow! all of them out from the drain.

06 saving-ducklings

Was it actually a barrier or a passage leading somewhere? sounds strange though.

07 saving-ducklings

Momma very happy that none of the ducklings has been harmed.

08 saving-ducklings

finally one more example of kindness towards animals. Mother duck and ducklings transported safely to a pond near by.

09 saving-ducklings


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