A Maintenance Worker Found Dying Dog In Garbage . What Happened Next Is Nothing Short Of Miracle.

There are people who can be cruel to animals to a very huge extent. Given below are the images of Patrick, the dog, who was not given adequate food required by him and was extremely skeletal and was deserted by his owner. Patrick was unfortunately thrown down by his owner and was just left there to be dead. Fortunately a worker spotted Patrick and as he was breathing the City of Newark Animal control was then contacted whose authorities came and picked the dog. ACO Arthur Skinner picked up the dog and the dog was directly brought to the Humane Society.

What happened thereafter is for you to see and contemplate.

When a worker saw Patrick, he thought that he was dead and that was how his appearance was.


Patrick was desperately longing for help, his eyes protruded and bones stuck out.


More than a dog, he appeared to be his skeleton.


The first thing that was given to him was the fluids and his was a very critical state and whether he would be saved or not was a big dilemma for the vets.


Slowly and gradually he felt very happy that he was in proper hands.


After undergoing a lot of cruelty, now the time had come when everything was about to change.


He definitely improved on a daily basis and gradually put on a lot of weight. Even the fur grew back and he started looking like a dog. 


After the dog became alright, It was difficult to recognize that this was the same dog who sometime back was about to die.



Now with his actions and mannerisms one could definitely make out that he was definitely a dog.



Thanks to all the volunteers and the vet doctor who helped glorify Patrick and assisted in his transformation.


Blood was then imparted into Patrick’s body after which he was given a bath and was given complete emergency care. In the memory of st. Patrick, he was then given the name Patrick. Everyone of his rescuers felt that he was a very fortunate dog. The situation otherwise would definitely been different but the entire scenario changed and the dog undoubtedly got a new lease of life.


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