This Horse Is A Halloween Champion Because of Its Skeleton. Check Why.

Sandy Cramer painted her ten year old black mare Raven’s back with a skeleton, thereby gaining an entry into a horse and rider Halloween costume competition. Much encouraged by its positive response, she repeated the costume again in 2013.

The detailed procedure of her transforming the horse into “skeleton horse” is given below. The information and photographs are a part of Sandy’s Facebook page for her storefront Knot Just Rope. It is a store which specializes in handmade rope products for equine use and training

All my horses are barefoot and bit-less as we do our own trimming and I make all my bit-less bridles and rope tack. Raven is a 10-year-old registered breeding stock paint with one ‘tiny’ white spot on her side (covered up by a white rib in these photos). I had received Raven as a green broke ‘clients horse’ for training when she was 4 years old. I spent time with this mare and fell in love. Told the owner that if she ever sold her then I would love the opportunity to make the purchase.

Two years later that dream became a reality. With this mare I do trail riding, obstacle courses including balance beams/cowboy curtains/tarps/water/teeter bridges/pulling objects/popping balloons and much more, working on horse agility obstacles at liberty to eventually compete with the International Horse Agility, some barrel racing, and started on trick training.” [Source]








Photograph by Knot Just Rope


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