She Refused To Go To Hospital. What Followed Left Me Wondering How That’s Even Possible.

Have you ever experienced the feeling of a Pregnant lady expecting a child, the date is due but refuses to take the help of doctors? Well the following photographs are then definitely going to shock you and will make you witness something you have never experienced in your life.

Erin Loechner gave birth to a daughter and had made up her mind to do it very differently. She decided to give birth to her daughter at her home itself accepting an ever challenging task full of risks and uncertainties. Well the photographs speak for itself further. You are about to witness a never before moment in your life.

Day 1 as the contractions began.

4.1 home-birth

It was really the difficult time but she concentrated on her breathing to make it easier.

4.2 home-birth2

Having supporting husband helped her a lot to get through the tough times.

4.3 home-birth4

In the moment of ooch…most comfortable spot is couch.

4.4 home-birth5

Walking was not possible but she recovered.


Each contraction was tough, but worth it.

4.6 home-birth9

Nice little break for her.

4.7 home-birth12

Her husband helped her to take much needed rest.

4.8 home-birth16

4.9 home-birth17

Moving in the house was a challenge in itself.

4.10 home-birth18

She was on her knees quite often due to contractions.

4.11 home-birth20

A terrible back ache was gone then.

4.12 home-birth21

Her husband always tried to calm her down with giggles.

4.13 home-birth23

Long breathing always helps.

4.14 home-birth24

4.15 home-birth25

4.16 home-birth26

4.17 home-birth27


Bath time.

4.19 home-birth29

Relaxation time was not for long.

4.20 home-birth30

Laboring is hardwork and very painful experience.

4.21 home-birth47

4.22 home-birth48

4.23 home-birth49

4.24 home-birth51

The last few moments before the baby cry.


And she finally delivered. Amazing…

4.26 home-birth53

First look of pure bliss. No describing the experience.


Proud moments, amazements, joy and what not for new parents.

4.28 home-birth55

Feelings that cannot be replaced.

4.29 home-birth56

Congratulations, Mom and Dad!

4.30 home-birth57

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