A briefcase motorcycle from Honda is simply genious

Motocompo, a miniature concept bike from Honda debuted in 1981 but many refer to it as a “briefcase motorcycle” or “bike in a box”. The compact design allows for easy storing and portability and fuelling this little machine will surely not break the bank either. It was designed to fit in the trunk of a car, so you could take it anywhere with you. Imagine popping this little beast from your car when you arrive to your holiday location and drive it around. According to this blog, the MotoCompo is now considered a rarity (only 53.000 pieces were produced) and prices can go as high as $10.000! While it did not become a great success, it is still a wonder of engineering. Would you consider owning one like that?


Then, in 2011, Honda dusted off the project and came up with a totally new concept at the Tokyo Motor Show,  as part of their Micro Commuter Concept.

Honda Motocompo concept

Source: GondolaProject, Motorcylce.com

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