Kids Becomes Vets For A Day. What Happens On That Day Is Really Moving.

It is very important for children to learn how to take care of their animals and veterinary science.With this objective in mind, the Virginia Beach SPCA in Virginia Beach, Va, has come up with a program, wherein it gives an opportunity to a group of kids to be “Vets for a Day”. This program includes, the bringing of children into an animal hospital, and allowing  them to wear the lab coats and teaching them the real skills which is required for all the vets to know and understand.

Kathy Shambo who is the education director of VBSPCA ventured this project.There are almost three or four times in a year, when the school is called off for teacher-in-service days. It is on such days that the kids are given this opportunity to visit the hospital and teach them various ways to save lives.

“A Day in the Life of a Veterinarian “- The experience allowed to kids by “Vet for a Day”.


A learning process for the kids on ways to weigh animals, scan microchips, perform basic CPR and many more things.


Oh! this is what the vets really do.


Learning how to take care of their animals.


A one to one session with the real vets about the methods followed on animals.


A day is sure to come when the kids will take care of the animals themselves.


We cannot find such a delightful, pretty scene of kids in lab coats elsewhere.


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