Do You Know What’s Pink Sakura? Just Look At Them In These Marvelous Pictures.

The tender pink sakura or the cherry blossom has its basic links with the culture of its native Japan. Below are some of our favorite photos of this year’s cherry blossoms in Japan. These trees blossom all across Japan every April, the springtime when students are back to schools, and people are back to work after enjoying the holidays. Interestingly, the national weather service of Janpan also tracks the movement of the sakura front which is an imaginary line which travels south to north every season and indicates the blooming of the sakura. The Convenient Sakura calendar gives details on how the line progresses in Japan.

The hanami festival or gathering under a sakura tree is celebrated all across Japan.

01-cherry-blossom-japanImage credits: 紅襪熊
02-cherry-blossom-japanImage credits: Sue Hsu
03-cherry-blossom-japanImage credits: onotch
04-cherry-blossom-japanImage credits: Masato Mukoyama
05-cherry-blossom-japanImage credits: ta3mam
06-cherry-blossom-japanImage credits: Noisy Paradise
07-cherry-blossom-japanImage credits: Takeshi Tanaka
08-cherry-blossom-japanImage credits: Yukatan
09-cherry-blossom-japanImage credits: Akio Iwanaga
10-cherry-blossom-japanImage credits: tomosang
11-cherry-blossom-japanImage credits: Yuga Kurita
12-cherry-blossom-japanImage credits: zhangning
13-cherry-blossom-japanImage credits: torne
14-cherry-blossom-japanImage credits: Hikaruno Mikoto
15-cherry-blossom-japanImage credits: Saori
16-cherry-blossom-japanImage credits: Batistini Gaston
17-cherry-blossom-japanImage credits: Haru Digital Photo
18-cherry-blossom-japanImage credits: Nobuhiro Suhara
19-cherry-blossom-japanImage credits: poojartiwari
20-cherry-blossom-japanImage credits: Ryosuke Yagi
21-cherry-blossom-japanImage credits: Danny Dungo

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