Real Time Ewok – This Couple Has Built Something Amazing In Cost Rica.

Finca Bellavista (FBV) is made up of 600 acres of land and has a tree house community situated in the South Pacific region of Costa Rica. This entire project has been conceived by two individuals Mateo and Erica Hogan married couple deeply impressed with  Costa Rica. The community has grown steadily and today there are seven treehouses with cabins for rent. It is scenically beautiful with two whitewater rivers full of rainforest trees. Some pieces of land  are also available for sale. Visitors can expect the best of natural pools, wildlife, waterfall and also a zip line course. It is for those who have a spirit of adventure and conventional hotels and spas you will not find here.

01-treehouse-resortPhotograph by Allison Shelley
02-treehouse-resortPhotograph by Silke Gondolf
03-treehouse-resortPhotograph by Anders Birch
04treehouse-resortPhotograph by Anders Birch
05-treehouse-resortPhotograph by Anders Birch
06-treehouse-resortPhotograph by Geoff Gillstrom
07-treehouse-resortPhotograph by Anders Birch
08-treehouse-resortPhotograph by Erica Hogan
09-treehouse-resortPhotograph by Dillon Davis
10-treehouse-resortPhotograph by Erica Hogan
11-treehouse-resortPhotograph by Matt Hogan
12-treehouse-resortPhotograph by Allison Shelley
13-treehouse-resortPhotograph by Anders Birch
14-treehouse-resortPhotograph by Anders Birch
15-treehouse-resortPhotograph by Tim Hussin
16-treehouse-resortPhotograph by Erica Hogan
17-treehouse-resortPhotograph by
18-treehouse-resortPhotograph by
19-treehouse-resortPhotograph by Kai
20-treehouse-resortPhotograph by Allison Shelley
21-treehouse-resortPhotograph by


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