These Restaurants Are Surrounded By Unusual Things. Why People Go There?

These 18 restaurants have so unthinkable, novel surroundings that the food in these restaurants goes all the more tempting. Of course who would be able to resist the temptation to dine high in the sky or under the wondrous blue ocean? The historic past would be just near you or the shimmering waters would be reflecting in your eyes in the exciting memorable moments.

We would gladly do a follow-up post if you could share details of such similar restaurants across the world.

Under the wondrous blue ocean Ithaa Restaurant, Maldives.


How about having a fantastic meal at Grotta Palazzese- Polignano a Mare, Italy which is inside a cave, overlooking the water.

02-restaurants-with-unique-surroundingsPhotograph by Grotta Palazzese

Lip smacking, warm Meals at the Snow Restaurant-Kemi, Finland amidst the chilly, freezing snow.

03-restaurants-with-unique-surroundingsPhotograph by Timo Laapotti, Kemi Tourism Ltd

Rich Dinner in the Sky can make dinners a fascinating experience with locations around the world.

04-restaurants-with-unique-surroundingsPhotograph by

The rocky, tall, peaceful mountains surround Berggasthaus Aescher-Wasserauen, Switzerland.

05-restaurants-with-unique-surroundingsPhotograph via Switzerland Tourism

The alluring restaurant situated on a mesmerizing rock, namely The Rock at Zanzibar, Tanzania.

06-restaurants-with-unique-surroundingsPhotograph by Jonty Medcalf /

Sarnic Restaurant at Istanbul, Turkey is inside a thousand year old Cistern.

07-restaurants-with-unique-surroundingsPhotograph by Sarnic Restaurant

Nothing could be more tempting and mouth watering than to have an open air rooftop meal at Sirocco @Lebua Hotel-Bangkok, Thailand.

08-restaurants-with-unique-surroundingsPhotograph by Lebua Hotels & Resorts

A heavenly meal in the company of the dense evergreen tree tops at [email protected] KiriKoh Kood, Bangkok.

09-restaurants-with-unique-surroundingshotograph by Soneva Kiri Resort

The waters of the blissful, splashing waterfalls touching the feet while you dine at Labassin Waterfall Restaurant-Phillipines.

10-restaurants-with-unique-surroundingsPhotograph via Matador Trips

A Rediscovered Bank and a VIP Vault Room have been transformed into a superb restaurant namely The Bedford which is located in Chicago, United States.

11-restaurants-with-unique-surroundingsPhotograph by The Bedford

The appealing ,most memorable meal at World’s Highest Restaurant [email protected] Khalifa-Dubai.

12-restaurants-with-unique-surroundingsPhotograph by At.mosphere Burj Khalifa

Zesty food in the outback at Sounds of Silence @Ayers Rock Resort- Australia.

13-restaurants-with-unique-surroundingsPhotograph by Ayers Rock Resort

Luscious and rich Ferris Wheel Dining is at Sky [email protected] Singapore Flyer-Singapore.

14-restaurants-with-unique-surroundingsPhotograph by Singapore Flyer on Flickr

Dining with Devotion Pitcher and Piano- Nottingham, England.

15-restaurants-with-unique-surroundingsPhotograph by Pitcher & Piano Nottingham

History comes alive when you dine at Ristorante Da Pancrazio- Rome, Italy.

16-restaurants-with-unique-surroundingsPhotograph by Ristorante Da Pancrazio

Awesome meals at Fanweng Restaurant- Yichang, China.


Dining at an enormous height at 58 Tour Eiffel -Paris, France.

18-restaurants-with-unique-surroundingsPhotograph by D. Milherou

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