Royals Spend Their Millions On Some Weird Stuff. You Would Be Disgusted Looking At Some Of These.

It is difficult to actually understand the life of a royal for a common man, especially if he belongs to a country which does not have a royal family of its own. The royal family has its own styles of living, has its own responsibilities, and follows its own hierarchy. It is a different world altogether of titled prestige, and which a layman would not be actually be able to imagine. The talks of the royal families and of Diana and the Duchess of Cambridge are just not a part of today. Even in medieval times, the royal families and the sovereignty and their activities were a topic of gossip and conversations to the common man.

It is always a mystery and wonder how the royal families are able to carry on with their extravagant, luxurious life style. The Netherland royal family is the best known royal family, and the second in order comes the British royal family. The British royal families own numerous ancient palaces of the country and art collections They are also trustees of many valuable art collections. This historical ownership itself is worth billions of dollars. Besides this, the government gives them an annual grant, for the purpose of their conducting their public duties. Many have their own supplementary sources of income as well. The drawback of being a part of the royal family is that they are not given the authority to vote or get involved into politics. They need constant protection officers to protect them, and constantly all their activities are watched over resulting into a absence of their confidentiality in daily life.

Apparently, the life of the British royals is a magnificent combination of the unimaginable prosperity, respect, and lavishness.  The royal accounts are published annually describing in detail the complete expenditures in the House of Windsor. Taking into reference the books of the royals, and the near hand royal history, we have made an effort to understand how much money the royals are spending and the manner in which they are spending it.

$667,120: The Value of the Royal Drinks Collection in 2013


$1.67 Million: The Cost of the Royal Barge, Gloriana.


$7.5 Million: The Cost of Travel for the Royal Family in 2013


$16.7 Million: The Cost to the Taxpayer of the 2011 Royal Wedding


$30.5 Million: Payroll Costs for the Royal Household


$31.7 Million: Prince’s Charles’ Annual Income


$51.7 Million: The Sovereign Grant for 2013


$55.5 Million: The Amount Actually Spent by the Crown in 2013


$833.9 Million: The Amount the Royal Family Generates in Tourism for the UK


$13.5 Billion: The Combined Value of the Royal Properties



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