She Is In A Wheelchair For Lifetime But Her Scuba Performances Would Shock You. RESPECT!

In 1996, British artist Sue Austin came to know that she would be needed to be confined in a wheelchair for lifetime. She did not take it as a limitation but just kept moving ahead. In fact she created something that would give her worldwide recognition.

In 2012, she was informed that she would be a part of the Cultural Olympiad which was a collection of all the art events which were supposed to be the performances just before the Olympics and the Paralympic Games.

Is this less than a spectacle or a display on a larger lavish scale?


Just watch the moves. Is this anything less than a spectacle?


Have you ever even imagined such an amazing photograph? How nice it is to be amongst the fish and reef.


Wow, this is definitely something innovative and ever exciting and people are definitely talking about it.


It is always better to view the world from a different perspective. This is definitely inspiring and gives a lot of inspiration.


This underwater wheelchair is referred to as a portal. The reason for this is that this has added a new dimension and has definitely changed the way of thinking.


Austin’s words are truly inspiring. If someone saw her he or she would believe that she was a bit less than what others were. In reality the situation was altogether different. She was capable of doing such magical things which even others could not think of or imagine.


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