These Look Like Stained Window Glasses But They Are Paintings. Awesome Art!

Broken Mirror/Evening Sky is the most recent series put forth by the artist Bing Wright. He has just completed a solo show at the Paula Cooper Gallery in New York City, and is also represented by the James Harris Gallery in Seattle. The description of the latest series is as under:

Wright photographs sunsets, then projects the images onto mirrors he has broken in the studio. The mirrors are small, measuring just 14 x 11 inches. The artist re-photographs the reflection and then enlarges the image into a large scale format. This beautiful series incorporates Wright’s recurring themes of abstraction and representation – a contrast he masterfully balances by grounding these shards of images into a bold structure. [source]

Wright is a Bachelor of Arts in Art History from Columbia University, New York. His creations have been put forth in many galleries and found in various public collections including The Museum of Modern Art, the Portland Art Museum, the Seattle Art Museum, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase Bank and Citigroup.

His select works are available by the James Harris Gallery and Paula cooper Gallery.







Photograph by BING WRIGHT


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