You Must Have Seen Unusual Lakes but Nothing Like These Ones. OMG…

Craters have often turned into lakes. Whether they have been created naturally or artificially is another matter. But what matters here are the next sets of images that show some of the most gorgeous lakes that have been created by craters. They are located in different places and they come in different sizes and shapes. What however, makes them common is their beauty and freshness. One can keep gazing at them for a long time and still find it new and unique.

1. Crater Lake, Mount Mazama, Oregon.

01-most-striking-crater-lakesPhoto: Shutterstock

2. Blue Fire Crater, Kawah Ijen Volcano, Indonesia.

02-most-striking-crater-lakesPhoto: Shutterstock

3. Kaali Lake, Saaremaa, Estonia.

03-most-striking-crater-lakesPhoto: Shutterstock

4. Mount Katmai, Alaska.

04-most-striking-crater-lakesPhoto: Captain Budd Christman/NOAA

5. Rano Kau, Easter Island.

05-most-striking-crater-lakesPhoto: Shutterstock

6. Okama Lake, Mount Zao, Honshū, Japan.

06-most-striking-crater-lakesPhoto: Shutterstock

7. Lake Tritriva, Vàkinankàratra, Madagascar.

07-most-striking-crater-lakesPhoto: Barnard Gagnon/Wikimedia

8. Segara Anak, Mount Rinjani, Lombok, Indonesia.

08-most-striking-crater-lakesPhoto: Shutterstock

9. Kerid, Grímsnes, Iceland.

09-most-striking-crater-lakesPhoto: Shutterstock

10. Heaven Lake, Baekdu Mountain, China and North Korea.

10-most-striking-crater-lakesPhoto: Shutterstock

11. Kelimutu, Flores, Indonesia.

11-most-striking-crater-lakesPhoto: Shutterstock

12. Öskjuvatn Lake, Víti crater, Askja, Iceland.

12-most-striking-crater-lakesPhoto: Shutterstock

13. Pingualuit Crater, Ungava Peninsula, Quebec, Canada.

13-most-striking-crater-lakesPhoto: Denis Sarrazin/NASA

14. Quilotoa, Andes mountains, Ecuador.

14-most-striking-crater-lakesPhoto: Shutterstock


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