Best Photos Of 2014. I Am sure You Have Seen Them yet.

The end of every quarter bestows us with the top 25 “Pictures of the Day” from Sifter, which all comprise to become an epic “Top 100” at the end of the year.

With half of the 2014 already gone, let us have a look at the 50 marvelous pictures taken by individual photographers well depicting their inspiring visions and dreams of our gorgeously beautiful mother Earth.

You need to click on the title or image for detailed information on that particular photograph.

Also please note that these photographs have been just featured as a POTD on TwistedSifter, but do not mean that they have been taken in 2014. They are listed in reverse chronological order, yet there is no rank allotted to these photos.

Chicago city bathing in the setting sun rays on spring equinox on 20th March 2014.

01-awesome-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by niXerKG


02-awesome-pictures-of-the-dayPhotographer Unknown via madbutcher

The extra ordinary SCHLEGEIS LAKE, AUSTRIA

03-awesome-pictures-of-the-dayPhotographer Unknown via l0v4


04-awesome-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by NASA

The green blue Stacked House Hotel In Zaandam.

05-awesome-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam

The fascinating sunrise over Mount Bromo.

06-awesome-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by GUILLAUME BURET

Jupiter can be viewed even from the roadside.

07-awesome-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by piranhasaurusTex

The majestic storm.

08-awesome-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by JEFF SMALLWOOD

Can you do that daring Mast Walk?

09-awesome-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by ALEX THOMSON RACING


10-awesome-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by DANNY XEERO

Chicago’s magnificent reflection in Lake Michigan from an Airplane.

11-awesome-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by MARK HERSCH

The enormous elephant enjoying the dust bath.

12-awesome-pictures-of-the-dayNICK BRANDT

The stupendous snowflake.

13-awesome-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by ALEXEY KLJATOV


14-awesome-pictures-of-the-dayArtwork by TABBY

The snow covered trees are the real protectors of this region.

15-awesome-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by Niccolò Bonfadini

The photograph of the 1920s.

16-awesome-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by The Byron Company

Norhtern Finland and the northern lights.

17-awesome-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by Jorma Luhta

Who follows whom?

18-awesome-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by MATT HUTTON

The brilliant shadow cube and its meanings.


19.2-awesome-pictures-of-the-dayArtwork by ANILA QUAYYUM AGHA

The quiet trio of deer.

20'''''-awesome-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by Renatas Jakaitis

Lake Superior with ice chunks.

21-awesome-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph via Dirtyflowerz

Many stories to tell.

22-awesome-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by Gabriel Ciora-Márkus

Who will be eating this stuff?

23-awesome-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by ALESSANDRO CANCIAN

The Tunas are enjoying her company.

24-awesome-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by KURT ARRIGO

The beautiful shadow towards the sky.

25-awesome-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by runrgrl on reddit

Via twistedsifter

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