China Has These Weird Ways To Tackle Pollution But They Are Mighty Effective.

Pollution is well and truly a big challenge. But, where there is a will, there perhaps is a way. Here are 12 wonderful and perhaps even strange ways by which some Chinese people have decided to tackle pollution and its bad impact. Whether it is covering homes with bubbles or wearing face masks (animals included), the list is quite amazing and very interesting. Who know it might become reality some day.

1.Bublle Domes As Home Covers


2. Let all including animals wear face masks.

3. Even Nose plugs can be a great choice.

4. Try using air cleaning bikes.

5.Vacuum cleaners can be used to suck smog and pollution.

De Zeen

6. Sprinkle skyscrapers can help reduce pollution.

7.Paratrooper robots can effectively freeze smog.

07-weird-ways-to-tackle-pollutionAviation Industry Corporation of China

8.List out the most and least polluted cities


9.Have something good to offer for the least polluted cities.

10. Use reusable coffins for cremating the dead.

11.Anti-smog martial arts to start in schools at an early age.

11-weird-ways-to-tackle-pollutionSouth China Morning Post

12.Find out some ways and means to reduce car and factory emissions.


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