This Is What Happens To Wedding Photos When You Have Surprise Entries. Hilarious!

The animals owned up their responsibilities for the photo bombs.

How can they be together without me?

The horse who took the lady on her wedding day.

The all time emotional beluga wants to be an all time favourite.

Larry the horse, needs to look at the yellow flowers from so close.

Wow, everyone looks so different today.

The horse hardly bothered about the bride looking taller than the groom.

Dear Fernando, you are out of the ring bearer.

Oh I am so lucky that so many people are waiting for my arrival.

Why is no one listening to me? I will make sure that they listen to me.

Steve does not want to lose any chance in being with the beautiful girls.

I am the only one witness to their vows.


Now, at last a photo with them.

Romance in the air.

Both the belugas want to look the very best in this ceremony.

I remember my days of vowing.

15-wedding-photobombersvicki Lea Boulter /

What on earth are they leaving me for?

Nobody should even notice how I have managed to be photographed with them.

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