19 Parenting Hacks You Must Know – #2 Is Mandatory To Save Your Baby’s Eyes

It is not easy to become a parent. First of all it requires a good quantum of dedication and devotion towards the child and use your creative intelligence. At times things can surely be managed by a bit of wit and the one which can be fun for the child. These are referred to as parenting hacks and can work very effectively.

#1. Well a very nice way of keeping the baby, yourself and the hands of both warm.

01 parent-hacks-5

02 parent-hacks-6

#2. See this wonderful child with an amazing water shield. It seems he hates water in eyes.

03 parent-hacks-7

#3. would you also like to wear this get along T shirt? That’s just wonderful.

04 parent-hacks-8

#4. What a wonderful sight! Entire family engrossed in playing games.

05 parent-hacks-9

#5. You can definitely take a break but don’t deprive the child’s enjoyment.

06 parent-hacks-10

#6. What an amazing colourful spray! Enjoy it. Isn’t it tempting to use it.

07 parent-hacks-11

#7. Who is who? Oops!!!

08 parent-hacks-12

#8. Well have you ever seen a hanging bed within the confines of your home? Well see then.

09 parent-hacks-13

To read more about how to make a hammock like this, check out the original post at Joyful Abode.

#9. What a fun it is to be inside the box and with no suffocation!

10 parent-hacks-14

11 parent-hacks-15

12 parent-hacks-16

#10. See the little guys here who will make the children brush if they dislike brushing.

13 parent-hacks-17

14 parent-hacks-18

#11. What a funlook of that of a soldier in this wonderful woollen cap!

15 parent-hacks-19

16 parent-hacks-20

#12. Get that feel of the space in this perfect sleeping attire.

17 parent-hacks-21

#13. witness an innovative way of having ice candy.

18 parent-hacks-22

#14. Is the toilet seat chilling? no worries when will the pair of socks help?

19 parent-hacks-23

#15. Hey, lights should be turned off when not in use. isn’t it?

20 parent-hacks-24

21 parent-hacks-25

#16. Isn’t it easy and economical to convert your home into a garden?

22 parent-hacks-26

#17. Now do you think kids will wear short shorts?

23 parent-hacks-27

#18. Having a baby stroller is real fun and relieving. How about this one?

24 parent-hacks-1

25 parent-hacks-2

#19. What an attire is this! Now your baby knows how to clean up.

26 parent-hacks-3

27 parent-hacks-4

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