It’s Hard To Believe These 25 Photos Are From 2013 – Part 1.

Sifter introduces the top 25 ‘Pictures of the Day’ at the end of every quarter, which are all compiled in a single epic Top 100 when the year ends. Just look at this beautiful pictures and admire the photographers too for their amazing efforts to bring out the best.

Just click on any single title or image for further information on that particular photograph.

However, these photographs were not mandatorily taken in 2013, and there is no scoring attached to them, they are all just marvelous.


01-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by Maris Hutchinson


02-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by serhei @ Panoramio


03-pictures-of-the-dayPhotographer Unknown via Ovadia & Sons on Tumblr

Frozen water in Mid-Air

04-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by NinjaViking on reddit

The picturesque Mountain Shadows.

05-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by SCOTT HOTALING


06-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by Howard Ignatius

Can anyone measure the enormous strength of the sea?

07-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by TIAGO PINHEIRO

Sydney in the eyes of a wineglass.

08-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by DANIEL ROBERTS (New Dan on Flickr)

Can music inspire enough to stop a war?

09-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by Mikhail Evstafiev

The playful fish

10-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph via Sick_Nerd_Baller on reddit

The magnificent light of the glow sticks on a ceiling fan.

11-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by jareyjareyjareyjarey on reddit

The Unforgettable Memories.

12-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by KEVIN WOLF

The twinkiling speaking stars.

13-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by JUSTIN KERN

Dog and bird go hand in hand.

14-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by Megan Whiteley

AMSTERDAM as viewed from above

15-pictures-of-the-dayPhotographer Unknown via Triplen01 on Reddit

mystifying Moose in the mist.

16-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by Steve Wall

The Monk’s prayer for light.

17-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by LIN TUN/Leopard Photography

Happiness forever.

18-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by Roeselien Raimond

Storm threats.

19-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by Robert Edmonds

Rain in a bowl.

20-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by Eurico Zimbres

The golden fire opal.

21-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by Jeff Schultz

The marvelous flight in space.

22-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by NASA

The snowy cell tower.

23-pictures-of-the-dayPhotographer Unknown via Reddit

The discovery of the snail with semitransparent shell.

24-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by Jana Bedek

The consequence of Sun hit on ruin.

25-pictures-of-the-dayPhotograph by John Fowler

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