21 Rightly Caputured Moments – That Headless Dancer Is My Favorite.

There are photographers who like out of the box or rather innovative photographs which are not less than an antique piece. Presented here are the photographs which were captured at the right time but at the wrong time.

Nope…He is not kissing that pole.

1.1 bike-crash

A Lucky Bird. Lunch directly in its mouth.

1.2 bird-cherry

Mr. Plane, you are not allowed to fly here…

1.3 buddha-plane

You must have heard…Fire in the belly! Now see this.

1.4 butt-fire

Love in the air.

1.5 cat-tails-heart

Don’t take that moon too far…we need it tomorrow.

1.6 crane-moon

Jet Eagle 007

1.7 eagle-and-jet-streams

Don’t get confused. It’s still in the Paris. That crane can move it just a few inches.

1.8 eiffe-tower-crane

Drain Eye

1.9 eye-drain

Is it fish with a human body or a man with a fish head?

1.10 fish-head

Headless Dancer. This is my favorite.

1.11 foot-head

The Lunar Olympics.

1.12 full-moon-olympics

We call her ocean girl. What’s your take on her?

1.13 girl-matches-ocean

Birds also like Ice Cream in hot weather…Be careful.

1.14 ice-cream-steal

It’s the Sun buddy…not a ball.

1.15 kicking-the-sun

He is enjoying his kingdom, not bothering about what’s happening around.

1.16 king-ref

Would have been great to see what happened 2 seconds later.

1.17 lady-falls-in-pool

No effect on lady Libery.

1.18 lightning-strikes-statue-of-libery

You haven’t seen anything like this in real.

1.19 rainbow-lightning

That’s visual treat for us, lunch treat for the whale and underwear change for that poor fella. 

1.20 shark-and-surfer

All attention goes to Ms. Squirrel. Perfectly timed.

1.21 squirrel-photobomb

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