22 GIFs Some Of The Best Automation Even Seen. Get Amazed By Firing Drone.

Just see these 22 most interesting things, and marvel at the beauties of technology.

1. The process of formation of ice cream cones.

01-interesting-gifsVia reddit.com

2. And the quick way in which popsicles are produced.

02-interesting-gifsVia pinterest.com

3. The colorful crayons manufacturing.

03-interesting-gifsVia glploudmouse.tumblr.com

4. The filling of Hostess Fruit Pies.

04-interesting-gifsVia sploid.gizmodo.com

5. A trip to see how ice-cream sandwiches are made.

05-interesting-gifsVia twistedsifter.com

6. The helmet which is the ultimate crown of the head getting its camouflage.

06-interesting-gifsVia youtube.com

7. The laying of the highway barriers is yet another interesting scene.

07-interesting-gifsVia gifbin.com

8. The rapid formation of springs.

08-interesting-gifsVia forum.bodybuilding.com

9. The mightier than swords called the pens are tested in this way.

09-interesting-gifsVia reddit.com

10. The transformation of the fork.

10-interesting-gifsVia giphy.com

11. Springs made in a different way.

11-interesting-gifsVia cheezburger.com

12. The colorful daytime fireworks.

12-interesting-gifsVia news.yahoo.com

13. The shock wave as viewed in slow motion.

13-interesting-gifsVia giphy.com

14. Pretzels being produced in large numbers.

14-interesting-gifsVia martinperscheid.soup.io

15. The metal has to be cut in this way.

15-interesting-gifsVia youtube.com

16. The flying of the ladybug is marvelously captured here.

16-interesting-gifsVia Facebook: video

17. The dough cutting is an interesting process.

17-interesting-gifsVia collegehumor.com

18. Machines  which sharpen the pencils are just amazing.


19. The rotating of the machine cuts the pasta.

19-interesting-gifsScience Channel

20. Highlighters’ test by the machines.


21. The flying drone cutting through the sparkling magnificent colors of the fireworks.

21-interesting-gifsVia animatedgifhq.com

22. Volumes of tempting, mouth watering pancakes are prepared in this way.

22-interesting-gifsVia pandawhale.com


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