29 Insane Dogs That Think They Are Not Dogs. These Positions Will Give Gymnastics Complex.

I wonder how I used to sleep earlier.

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If, he can eat in this way, why can’t I?


I am so glad you have come back, I need your caresses.

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Oh peeping out is out of fashion.

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Riding is fun, rather than diving.

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I missed the catch.

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Peeing in the green grass.


I just love being in this couch.

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I am tired of walking.

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I bet, I will get something tasty to eat today.

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Oh why can’t I move in?

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Oh I feel afraid of the intruders.

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My my where have I come to?

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Probably I am seeing a lot of television nowadays!

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I wish to cry.

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My friend is taking me to a ride.

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Nobody is listening to my shouts.

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Sitting and daydreaming is what I love.

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Alone at home.

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where is my friend?

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My stomach is upset, and I am unwell.

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I think I resemble the ones in the laptop.

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Why do I tire when I run?

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I am dying of hunger.


Playing outside is fun.

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I want to look pretty.

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Can this ever be cut?

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It was a real spanking.

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Yes I have won.

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