What Happens When Damaged Planes Land? I Wonder What Would Have Happened To Passengers

In future if you feel that the internet connectivity is a bit slower, be thankful that the situation in the flight not extremely worst.

Just imagine a situation when the Boeing 737 has to be landed and both the engines are lost. Also the place where it will be landed is a narrow levee. Imagine the situation when a missile cuts off the wings of your aero plane immediately after it has taken off.

Just think for a while that if imagination draws you crazy what would happen if these things happened frequently.

Witness the ten most fearful scenarios captured in a video.

Avro 146 At London City Airport

Any Day At Bhutan

JAL 747 at old Kai Tak airport in Hong Kong in 1988

Landing in Alaska

Last second abort at at Lisboa Airport

Helicopter crashing into a carrier

Landing a fighter on a ship during a sand storm

C17 at the wrong airport

Landing with a partially ejected navigator

Landing in crosswinds without the left landing gear

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