A Night Stay Here Will Cost You Fortune. $12000 A Night? They Must Be Kidding.

There is no doubt that the life enjoyed by rich is not matched by others who have to struggle to save money and make good only with small holiday. Saving some money and being frugal can help you enjoy a slightly better holiday.  If you are keen on quality life with the best of luxury, the price has to be paid. Here is a list of 10 most expensive hotels that has in them the best of everything. It will well and truly transport you to a different world and you will come back with memories that will stay with you forever.

10. St. James, Barbados—$2,454-$3,385/Night.

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9. Santa Barbara, California—$3,500/Night.

02-most-expensive-vacation-rentalsvia vacationhomerentals.com

8. Miami Beach, Florida—$20,000/Week.

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7. Punta Mita, Mexico—$21,000-$38,000/Week.

04-most-expensive-vacation-rentalsvia livepuntamita.com

6. Paia, Hawaii—$24,500-$27,000/Week.

05-most-expensive-vacation-rentalsvia vrbo.com

5. Phoenix, Arizona—$3,500-$4,000/Night.

06-most-expensive-vacation-rentalsvia vacationhomerentals.com

4. Park City, Utah—$2,500-$10,000/Night.

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3. Providenciales, Turks and Caicos—$4,250-$6,500/Night.

08-most-expensive-vacation-rentalsvia aquamarinebeachhouses.com

2. Kailua, Hawaii — $34,900/Week.

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1. Whistler, Canada — $10,000-$12,857/Night.

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