10 Most Expensive Hotels In The World. But They Are Worth That For A Reason.

Following are ten of the most expensive hotel rooms in the entire world, which serve the wealthiest of the people in the world.

These are the most beautiful rooms, where each hotel room has luxuries like the private hot tub, the swimming pool, and the large windows wherefrom the beauty of nature could be breathed in. The rooms could have beautiful shimmering oceans next to it, or could have the view of the golden dusks and dawns of the beaches from the windows. Not to mention the all time helpful staff, ready to accommodate all your needs.

10. Presidential Suite, Hong Kong – $13,700

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9. Sultan’s Suite, Istanbul – $15,300

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8. Royal Suite, Dubai – $23,000


7. Royal Towers, Bahamas – $25,000

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6. Presidential Suite, Tokyo – $25,000


5. Presidential Suite, Sardinia – $33,000


4. Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, Las Vegas – $35,000

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3. Royal Villa, Athens – $45,000

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2. Presidential Suite, Cannes – $52,000

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1. Royal Penthouse Suite, Geneva – $83,000

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