These Views From Plane Windows Would Make You Anxious. But You Must Always Ask For Window Seat.

Getting a window seat gives numerous benefits.Watching the world from above gives the opportunity to see the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and travelling a midst clouds, and the beautiful panoramic view of the mountains.

The following 27 reasons relate to why you should always ask for a window seat.

Chicago’s lifeline being reflected in Lake Michigan.

01-a-window-seat-clickPhotograph by MARK HERSCH

Behold a rainstorm from this distance.

02-a-window-seat-clickPhotograph by HALEY LUNA

How just beautiful the solar eclipse looks at a height of 44,000 ft.

03-a-window-seat-clickPhotograph by Ben Cooper 

And the Awesome highest point in Africa.

04-a-window-seat-clickPhotograph by KYLE MIJLOF

The golden sunrises.

05-a-window-seat-clickPhotograph by FLORIAN SEIFFERT

And the marvellous sunsets

06-a-window-seat-clickPhotograph by NEIL HOWARD

How can you miss to see the gorgeous waterfalls.

07-a-window-seat-clickPhotograph by CODY H. on Flickr

A forest fire seen from the heights.

08-a-window-seat-clickPhotograph by Richard Skoonberg

Feel the beauty of Norway from above.

09-a-window-seat-clickPhotograph by MARIUSZ KLUZNIAK

The unfathomable sea of clouds could make you just speechless.

10-a-window-seat-clickPhotograph by MARK STEVENS

You can try different ways to frame a shot.

11-a-window-seat-clickPhotograph by TIM CAYNES 

The massive mountain ranges can be just in explainable.

12-a-window-seat-clickPhotograph by MARIUSZ KLUZNIAK

How is it to watch a frozen lake.

13-a-window-seat-clickPhotograph by ALAN WOLF

A city completely wearing a blanket of fog.

14-a-window-seat-clickPhotograph by CHRIS on Flickr

The scene of the cities at night time could stupefy you.

15-a-window-seat-clickPhotograph by Tom Anderson

History from a different angle.

16-a-window-seat-clickPhotograph by killerturnip

A lot many clouds could look like tiny cotton balls.

17-a-window-seat-clickPhotograph by FRANCISCO MARTINS

Hey that is the volcano .

18-a-window-seat-clickPhotograph by JON SULLIVAN

Discover the river flowing through a sea of clouds.

19-a-window-seat-clickPhotograph by JONATHAN NIGHTINGALE

The unique view of the city.

20-a-window-seat-clickPhotograph by LINH NGUYEN

The panoramic view of mountains.

21-a-window-seat-clickPhotograph by mloge on Flickr

Not to forget the coastal regions.

22-a-window-seat-clickPhotograph by MICHAEL MATTI

Just looking through the windows would be enough.

23-a-window-seat-clickPhotograph by PEDRO MOURA PINHEIRO

I am dying to see another sunset.

24-a-window-seat-clickPhotograph by Oblivious Dude

An admiring thing.

25-a-window-seat-clickPhotograph by KIMG SENG

Goodbye friends.

26-a-window-seat-clickPhotograph by TOM ANDERSON

A foolproof way to avoid beverage carts and passengers to come your way.

27-a-window-seat-clickPhotograph by RYAN DESIDERIO

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