OMG…These Russians Are Nerveless. My Head Started Rolling Looking at These Stunts.

Have you ever witnessed an obsession with teenagers wanting to climb the tallest buildings or the tallest structures? Other than movies it almost seems impossible. For Kirill Oreshkin and many other Russians this seems to be a passion and he does it without any safety measures and derives pleasure from it.

This is definitely not encouraged by law but for Kirill what comes first is the excitement and the thrill that he experiences while undertaking such activities.

Is it worth taking such a risk? He doesn’t think about it literally

1 russiandaredevil1

I haven’t seen such selfie before

2 russiandaredevil2

This is a real case of life of death as these men don’t have ropes, harness or parachutes.

3 russiandaredevil3

Oh…He has a death partner as well.

4 russiandaredevil4

Oh my god…

5 russiandaredevil5

Perfect background pause really.

6 russiandaredevil6

It’s not the dare for them…It’s just a game.

7 russiandaredevil7

Don’t even try that. Not even on the first floor.

8 russiandaredevil8

What we are mainly looking at is your perception. Is this a criminal activity or should the youngsters be allowed to follow their passion.

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