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A pretty girl is sitting alone at a table in a cafe, when a man approaches her. He asks, if he can sit down with her. They start small-talking, and after a few minutes, the man asks the girl: “Do you know what is the difference between a Ferrari and an erection?” The girl looks puzzled and can not answer the question. “I don’t have a Ferrari.” –  the man says.

Old one, but some says, it still works as a funny pick up line. I have seen it recently on a webcam site, some guy was trying to get the attention of the seemingly bored cam girl. It worked. Erotic webcams are more popular than ever, their triumph has started some 15 years ago. Today, there are hundreds of these cam sites, offering a live stream and chat with mostly amateur models. Similar to an online peepshow but with total privacy and can be visited virtually, from home. We have now collected photos of some of the hottest amateur cam girls. If you don’t have a Ferrari, you can still visit some hot girls online! 🙂

The images in this post were collected from NeedLive Tumblr blog.

Sexy cam girls 01 Sexy cam girls 02

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