These Tiny Humans Almost Buried In The Natural Spectacles. Miraculous.

Human beings are more mortals and however intelligent and big they may claim to be, there are occasions when they are simply dwarfed or overwhelmed. Here is a collection of some awesome pictures that show a few men who are all but lost in the background of nature. The mood that has been captured in these pictures is certainly food for thought for all those who claim that man is the ultimate as far as this world is concerned.

Location: British Columbia, Canada.

01-man-grand-nature-landscapeImage credits: Lizzy Gadd

Location: Mansfield, Victoria, Australia.

02-man-grand-nature-landscapeImage credits: Alex Wise

Location: Arches National Park, Utah, USA.

03-man-grand-nature-landscapeImage credits: Marsel Van Oosten
04-man-grand-nature-landscapeImage credits: Michael Nichols
05-man-grand-nature-landscapeImage credits: Kai Yang

Location: Iceland.

06-man-grand-nature-landscapeImage credits: Iurie Belegurschi

Location: Abiqua Falls, Oregon, USA.

07-man-grand-nature-landscapeImage credits: Joshua Meador
08-man-grand-nature-landscapeImage credits: Przemyslaw Kruk

Location: Iceland.

09-man-grand-nature-landscapeImage credits: Max Rive

Location: Dolomiti Valley, Italy.

10-man-grand-nature-landscapeImage credits: Dmitriy Vorobey
11-man-grand-nature-landscapeImage credits: Reinhard Gaemlich

Location: Iceland.

12-man-grand-nature-landscapeImage credits: Wim Denijs

Location: Belarus.

13-man-grand-nature-landscapeImage credits: Ivan Letochin

Location: Badlands in Death Valley National Park, California, USA.

14-man-grand-nature-landscapeImage credits: Troy Montemayor

Location: Czech Republic.

15-man-grand-nature-landscapeImage credits: Jan Machata

Location: Shelter Cove, California, USA.

16-man-grand-nature-landscapeImage credits: Casey Mccallister

Location: Atnajökull Ice Cap, Iceland.

17-man-grand-nature-landscapeImage credits: Orvar Atli

Location: Quiraing landslip, Skye, Scotland.

18-man-grand-nature-landscapeImage credits: Robert White

Location: Karkonosze mountains, Poland.

19-man-grand-nature-landscapeImage credits: Piotr Krzaczkowski
20-man-grand-nature-landscapeImage credits: Nicolaus Wegner
21-man-grand-nature-landscapeImage credits: Peter Svoboda

Location: Haines, Alaska, USA .

22-man-grand-nature-landscapeImage credits: Dan Carr

Location: Iceland.

23-man-grand-nature-landscapeImage credits: Max Rive

Location: Positano, Italy.

24-man-grand-nature-landscapeImage credits: Michael Matti

Location: Stranocum, Ireland.

25-man-grand-nature-landscapeImage credits: Stephen Emerson

Location: Dolomites, Italy.

26-man-grand-nature-landscapeImage credits: Francesco Vaninetti

Location: Landmannalaugar, Iceland.

27-man-grand-nature-landscapeImage credits: Max Rive

Location: Trolltunga rock, Norway.

28-man-grand-nature-landscapeImage credits: Alex Emanuel Koch


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