Link exchange

Let’s do a fair business, that benefits both of us. Send me your website URL with a description and after reviewing it, I will put it up on DailyWeekends.com and link back to you.

Link exchange

Guest posts

We are now accepting guest posts. If you want to boost your traffic or get more exposure for your content, please send me a sample post. I will host your content and you can link to any sponsors of your choice. I will also provide a link back to your website.


You can advertise on DailyWeekends.com. The recommended banner size is 300 x 250 pixel, but you can also choose other sizes. Pop-under traffic and mobile redirects are also available.

The price for one banner is 150 USD per month, payment are accepted via PayPal.

Contact me at aron (at) fluffystone (.) com

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