These People Showed How These Can Be Fixed. But This is Weird Really.

The rightmost things done by these people.

No fire extinguisher. Don’t worry, this bottle would prove useful in case of fire.

How could I ever be late now?

The mechanic’s excellent vision.

An absolute necessary phone call inspite of the absence of phone.

The clever and careful driver replaces the broken headlight with torch.

The annoying missing window of the car has been resolved by the driver.

An exact fitting done for the missing door by the driver, till another replacement is made.

Sudoku taught with the aid of an excellent pointer.

Time fixing or clock fixing.

The authorized doctor.

Landline has to work at any cost.

Something needs to be definitely be filled in E4.

this driver has a magnificent new bumper for his car.

Finding his exhaust pipe.

The utmost inclination and necessity of the BBQ master to grill something in a pinch.

The all time wisest traveler.

Breaking the plate and cleverly mending it again.

The smart guy who made this DIY pill box.

Where there is a will to work, there is a way.

The broken street was repaired by the duct tape by the citizens.

Who would be having so much time to ring the bell as per the instructions of the scientist?

How can anyone catch the culprit with such a video camera?

The fence being termed as the electric fence by the home owner.

The burning desire to afford a Ferrari will bring out the best of creativity.

Let the deer enjoy the forest with his googly vision.

A side mirror is extremely important come what may.

Ofcourse the sign needs to be read by one and all, why shouldn’t I totally fix it?

An enthusiastic driver who needed to flip on his brakes.

Via Buzzfeed

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